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I'm developing what it personally means to be a Global Curator this year. That means, I get to travel throughout the African Diaspora finding amazing artists and art to showcase through my platforms, partner with arts institutions interested in creating exhibits that leverage technology, work with multi-million dollar budgets to execute the vision, build my personal art collection for future tour dates, be mentored by curators whom I admire, and continue making bold requests to champion the future of art. If any of this resonates with you, let's connect.

First Thursday Art Walk
Join me at The Union, where art and tech often collide and experience Contemporary Art of the African Diaspora.


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Social Media
Follow my journey this year as I define for myself what it means to be a Global Curator.

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Art & Tech
Developing a mobile app for art world domination...stay tuned.


"I have unlimited permission slips to create as I see fit." -Jolyn GC | Global Curator

Perspectives In Portraiture 

In 2018, I curated a year-long monthly exhibition series called, “Perspectives in Portraiture” (PIP) that showcased 11 Black artists including myself.PIP positioned these contemporary artists of the African Diaspora as thought leaders to call attention to the myriad experiences of Black creatives in the ever-changing city of Seattle.  PIP dismantled the idea that the Black experience is monolithic and further illuminated the beauty of our cultural tapestry.  Thank you so the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture CityArtist Award and the World Domination Summit Foundation, Voyager Award.

During PIP Closing Ceremonies (featured on the right), I curated a culminating multi-sensory  installation exhibit in which, I created and featured portraits of the 10 participating PIP artists.  The premise of this closing exhibit was a communal manifestation ceremony for the community to envision the future success of the artists while acknowledging the ancestors from which we came.  Closing Ceremonies was made possible by Artist Trust.  Thank you Artist Trust for selecting me as a 2018 Artist Trust GAP Award Recipient.