Jolyn GC is a Modern and Contemporary Portrait Artist from Seattle.  After leaving behind a career as a criminal prosecuting attorney, she rekindled her interest in art. 

As a self taught artist, she has experimented with acrylic painting and currently creates mixed media collage portraits she calls Afro Jazz.  Afro Jazz is her artistic contribution to the narrative that #BlackLivesMatter and reflects the influences of the African Diaspora with its use of vibrant african textiles and black identity. 

Influenced by her legal background, she has developed an arts and social justice program for teens called TEENERGY that teaches young leaders how to use their creative voice for social change.  As the lead curator for Modus Doperandi, —an online exhibition she pioneered in 2014, she enjoys discovering new emerging black artists to feature.  Since then, Jolyn has set out to create an online gallery showcasing the amazing and underrepresented work of these artists.  

She has participated in various festivals as well as both juried and non-juried exhibitions with the Onyx Fine Arts Collective, Festival Sundiata and C Art Gallery.  In her very first exhibition, she received the Onyx Fine Arts Collective People’s Choice Award in 2012.  Jolyn has won several awards for her pioneering vision of a more inclusive art world from the World Domination Summit Foundation and most recently, Seattle's Office of Arts and Culture.

She currently serves as a Washington State Arts Commissioner as Advocacy Co-chair for the Executive Committee.  Jolyn splits her time between Seattle and Jamaica, finding creative inspiration along the way.  Keep up with her on the internets: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or join the mailing list for subscriber-only deals and updates.


Afro Jazz Kinfolk Series Original Fine Art


Afro Jazz Fine Art is a mixed media portrait collage style created by Jolyn GC that is meant to showcase the beauty of the African Diaspora.


Thanks to the incredible financial support of the World Domination Summit Foundation and Seattle's Office of Arts and Culture, Jolyn GC Virtual Gallery will open in 2018, with a full year of programming including online exhibitions and pop-up shows. Emerging Artists of the African Diaspora will be featured. To be considered for an upcoming exhibition, drop us line.

Virtual Fine Art Gallery for online exhibitions featuring emerging artists


I love meeting new people and having creative conversations.  I usually find new inspiration for something I am writing or a new piece I'm working on in the studio.  Let's connect!