It’s registration time! I am so honored to share the insights, impact, and strategies I’ve learned before and after designing my own Leisure Life. In my Jolyn GC’s Leisure Life Bootcamp we will work closely to get your Leisure Life all the way together.  

I am purposefully making this an exclusive experience, for those who are truly ready, and not just giving “ready” lip service. Y’all know what I mean…So read on to find out if one of the 60 spots is for you, and how to lock in your spot.

You KNOW that I LOOOOOVE words that start with the same initials as my last name, GC, so the crew that says YES to the Bootcamp will be part of what I call my “Galactic Circle.” REGISTER HERE.

The Leisure Life Bootcamp is NOT for everybody.

Who is this truly for?

It’s for you if you:…

  • desire a foundation for wealth and are willing to think beyond yourself
  • already demonstrate discipline in various areas of your life
  • regularly connect to your inner joy
  • laugh with ease, and you laugh often
  • people in your community see you as a role model, thought-leader, or constantly want to know what you're up to in the world
  • are willing to be spiritually, emotionally, and mentally disciplined
  • truly believe that you can intentionally design your life
  • understand the importance of overhauling your mindset, thinking, decisions, and behaviors as a key to achieving wealth
  • are teachable and coachable
  • are spiritually mature

What we'll cover...

For those 60 people that I will get to work closely with, we will cover the following…

How is the Jolyn GC Leisure Life Bootcamp structured?

The Bootcamp will take place over 4 weeks. We will convene once a week, over four Thursdays, starting November 17th, via ZOOM. We will resume the week AFTER Thanksgiving on December 1, 2022. Each session is 90 minutes long. Registration closes Friday, November 11, 2022 or once the 60 registrants is reached, whichever comes FIRST.

You already know, I come dressed to impress every single time I come on camera so now that we will have the opportunity to be up close and personal, please have all "stunt campaign energy" READY, READY. This means you GOTTA be able to be in ALL FOUR sessions (100% attendance), real-time, on time, and with your camera ON for the duration of each session. I wanna SEE YOU!


What impact and benefits can I expect?

You will learn:

  • my powerful process for elevating to the Frequency of Leisure
  • the framework for permanently BE-ing in Leisure regardless of your W-2 status or J.O.B.
  • the 6 things that can block your access to experiencing the Leisure Life
  • how to create your own Vision of Leisure so that it is personal, attainable, and sustainable

By the end of this Bootcamp, you will have:

These THREE POWERFUL TOOLS will help you fully embrace your Leisure Life.

The VALUE of the Jolyn GC Leisure Life Bootcamp is $2,047, but for this inaugural one-of-a-kind opportunity, I am making it available for only $349. REGISTER HERE.

Important Note: Registration will close on November 11th or once all 60 spots are claimed  - whichever comes first.






Note: This Bootcamp is NOT about investing in stock and/or options.

Looking forward to having you as part of the Galactic Circle! If you have any questions, please email



Jolyn GC, First Lady of Leisure